Bunim/Murray Trivia App

Bunim/Murray Trivia App


Bunim/Murray Productions, renowned for their Emmy Award-winning reality television shows such as Road Rules, The Simple Life, and Starting Over, sought to engage their audience in a unique way by developing a trivia application centered around their iconic TV series. The objective was to create an interactive experience that would test users' knowledge of Bunim/Murray's extensive catalog of shows while incorporating innovative technology for added engagement.

Key Features:

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The Bunim/Murray Productions Trivia Application provided employees and fans with an engaging and entertaining way to interact with their favorite television shows. By combining cutting-edge technology with nostalgic content, the project successfully enhanced user engagement and fostered a deeper connection between audiences and Bunim/Murray's iconic reality TV series. The integration of DMX lighting effects added an extra layer of immersion, further elevating the overall trivia experience and solidifying Bunim/Murray's reputation for innovative entertainment.